17 words and phrases you would only ever hear in Sheffield

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There are some words and phrases that are unique to the Steel City.

Here's our list of words and phrases you'd only ever hear in Sheffield...

Badly: Ill/poorly

Bobar: Rubbish/excrement

Breadcake: A bread roll/bun

Chuddy: Chewing gum

Crozzled: Burnt

Flit: To move house

Gennel: An alleyway

Gerrof: Get off

Gi' ore: Give over

Mardy: Moody/miserable

Nah then: Now then

Nannan: Grandmother

Ne-ow: No

Nesh: Cold

Reyt: Right

Snap: Food

Spice: Sweets

Can you think of any more Sheffield words and phrases to add to our list? Leave your local words and phrases in the Comments section below.