13 private sewage pumping stations discovered in city

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Yorkshire Water has taken ownership of more than 350 sewage pumping stations - including 13 in Sheffield.

New government legislation was introduced on in July 2011 which determined that, by October 1 2016, all water and sewerage companies should take over the responsibility for privately owned sewerage pumping stations.

Sewage pumping stations pump sewage from homes along underground sewers to the nearest waste water treatment plant where it is treated. Since 2014 a dedicated team at Yorkshire Water has been trying to find hundreds of private sewage pumping stations hidden throughout the region.

Over 350 have been found so far and 13 of these have been located in the Sheffield area but the company believes there are still more to be identified.

Dave Wilson, transfer manager at Yorkshire Water, said: “Sewage pumping stations can be situated anywhere; in gardens, on public land next to houses or businesses, or just on the side of the road. Many are located in private gardens and land that we don’t normally have authority to enter which is why we’ve needed help from customers to find them.

“We’ve been working on this project since early in 2014 but we believe there are still more pumping stations to be found.”

Dave encouraged customers to get in touch: “It’s not too late for customers to ask us to visit and survey a pumping station free of charge to check it’s eligible for transfer to Yorkshire Water ownership.

“Customers need to look out for steel access covers and/or a kiosk, usually green, which contains the electrical control equipment for the pumps.”

Call 01274 692653 or email den.tansey@yorkshirewater.co.uk for more information.