£13,000 fraudster lied about having one kidney. Sheffield court told

Fraudster: Lee Ogley has been jailed for 18 months.
Fraudster: Lee Ogley has been jailed for 18 months.
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AN ACCOUNTANT who stole £13,000 from his employers told them he only had one kidney and was attending hospital for dialysis – when he was really appearing in court accused of a previous fraud.

Lee Ogley, aged 28, told colleagues at medical supplies company Barber of Sheffield that he had a failing kidney and had regular treatment.

In fact, Ogley was attending court hearings in Doncaster after he stole £39,000 from his previous bosses – DHL logistics.

Today, Tony Crane, managing director of Barber said that Ogley had seemed like a ‘respectable guy with a glowing CV’ when he joined the firm in May 2009.

But by December 2009 he was regularly taking time off work.

Mr Crane said: “We had no idea at the time but Lee had been having to leave work for prosecution hearings in relation to his previous fraud charges.

“He had told fellow collegues and I that he had only one kidney, which was failing and he was having to attend hospital for dialysis.

“We were all very concerned for him and worried about his health.”

Mr Crane said in December 2009 he tried to arrange a meeting with Ogley to discuss his health and his position within the business but Ogley failed to return his calls.

He said: “There were some concerns about Lee’s use of his company credit card and we were also going to raise those with him.”

Mr Crane said on January 3, Ogley walked into the office, removed his belongings and stormed out.

He said: “We knew something wasn’t right.”

Unknown to his boss, Ogley, of Hayfield Close, Barnby Dun, Doncaster, had been convicted of fraud and was sent to prison the next month for nine months.

He had creamed cash and goods worth nearly £39,000 out of DHL during a four-month period while covering for the company’s finance manager.

Doncaster Crown Court heard he stole gift vouchers intended to reward staff; asked for cheques he later profited from and abused a company credit card.

Mr Crane said an investigation by the firm discovered Ogley had been claiming ‘extortionate amounts’ on his company credit card.

Ogley was jailed for 18 months at Sheffield Crown Court after he admitted stealing from Barber.

Mr Crane said: “We are a small business and spent months getting external investigators to asses the company’s financial situation. We received no compensation and our insurance didn’t cover the theft. It has been an expensive ordeal but justice has finally been done.”