125-Years of The Star: Mobile phone site is a hit with readers

On the go: The Star's mobile web site viewed on a phone.
On the go: The Star's mobile web site viewed on a phone.
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ON THE move is the way everybody lives in today’s fast-paced world - including fans of The Star’s mobile phone web site.

And The Star’s free mobile version of its website has been created to meet that demand for up-to-date news and sport, whether readers are waiting for a tram, at Meadowhall or on their lunch break.

More than 150,000 people looked at the site on their mobile and viewed more than 650,000 web pages in May.

One of them was David Chapel.

The technical support analyst reads The Star on his way to work at Plusnet in Sheffield city centre.

The 47-year-old, of High Green, said: “I use it travelling to work on the bus, whenever I’ve got a spare minute I look at the news and sport to see what changes are going on at Sheffield Wednesday.

“The new football app The Star has just brought out is absolutely brilliant as well, it has everything in one place for you.

“It is a great piece of kit.”

The free website is faster and easier than ever before.

The most popular pages on our mobile website, as viewed on mobiles, included local news, Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United and ice hockey content.

Readers most commonly used their Apple iPhone or smartphone to see the website, but they also accessed it through iPods and even Sony PlayStation3 games consoles.

The mobile website - at m.thestar.co.uk - includes all the latest news, sport, and features on our main site.

There is the weather, videos, and commenting available in the first of a wave of new digital services from The Star. Searching for jobs, businesses and bargain deals is also possible.

Anybody using the site on their phone is automatically redirected and the site has been built specifically for smartphones, offering a clean view and easy navigation.


READERS might not be at the match - but they can find out the minute-by-minute action on The Star’s new football app.

More than 2,000 people have already downloaded the service.

It features live data from each game, plus all the usual web content for Sheffield Wednesday, United, Rotherham, Doncaster, Chesterfield and Barnsley.

Available for iPhone and android smartphones, it features daily in-depth editorial coverage by The Star’s football writers.

It will come into its own during games, providing live updates, stats, post match reports, team line-ups and league tables.

All its content can be shared using Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.

Twitter is incorporated into the app, so fans can read and reply to our experts, players, clubs and other supporters.

Apple iPhone users can get it now from iTunes while android users can download it by searching for The Star Football App on Google.

DOWNLOAD iPHONE VERSION: Apple iPhone users should navigate to this link on their device and download the free app from iTunes using this link - CLICK HERE.

DOWNLOAD ANDROID VERSION: Download our free app for your android smartphone by using this link- CLICK HERE.

* COMING soon to The Star is a cutting-edge iPad app. The app will give readers even more ways of viewing The Star online, plus exclusive web content.


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