£119,000 horror holiday payout for stay at Royal Park Hotel, Elenite, Bulgaria

Lucy with mum Tina
Lucy with mum Tina
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A family of 16 have been handed almost £120,000 in compensation after a ‘nightmare’ holiday left them seriously ill when they found cockroaches in their hotel and food undercooked.

Some of the Rotherham family’s young children on the Balkan Holidays trip to Elenite in Bulgaria – including Liam Westby, aged 12, and Lucy Beever, seven – were so ill they spent most of the break in their room, vomiting and suffering from abdominal pain.

Lucy’s father, Stephen Beever, 54, said Lucy was crying continuously from the pain and could not eat.

The illness lasted for the entire two-week holiday at the Royal Park Hotel.

Mr Beever said: “Our holiday at the Royal Park Hotel was a disaster and has caused a lot of problems following our return.

“At least once a week Lucy will suffer with stomach cramps that cause her pain and distress. It has affected her life and her confidence irreparably, and she is reluctant to get involved with 
after- school groups because of her ongoing troubles.

“It means that she is missing out on lots of opportunities, which really breaks my heart.

“Lucy and Liam were both celebrating their birthdays while we were in Bulgaria, which we hoped would make it a really special time for them.

“Sadly this is a birthday that we will never forget for all the wrong reasons.”

The family said they saw food uncovered for long periods of time and with flies on it, while cockroaches were found in the restaurant and hotel room.

Food also appeared to be undercooked or not properly heated at times.

The family has been awarded a total of £90,000 at Sheffield County Court, following on from a compensation award of nearly £30,000 for the adults involved in a separate claim which had already been settled.

Jatinder Paul, a travel law expert at Irwin Mitchell, said: “What should have been a two-week break for the family to spend together relaxing ended up being ruined by the illness which left some of them confined to their rooms at times and has left some of them suffering with on-going symptoms.”

He added: “We hope that now that the final settlement has been approved by the court, the family will be able to get on with their lives and put the experience behind them.”