1000 mile climate walk around Wales in memory of Michael Dunn

The partner of a climate activist who died earlier this year after a tragic battle with cancer has started a 1,100 walk around Wales this summer.
Michael and Addie protesting outside Shell, LondonMichael and Addie protesting outside Shell, London
Michael and Addie protesting outside Shell, London

Addie May Swarbrick Schwarz is six weeks into her mammoth trek to raise money for climate activism in memory of her late partner. Michael Paulo Dunn, who lived in Sheffield and was a music technology lecturer at Doncaster College.

He passed away aged 39 on January 24 2023 after a short, cruel battle with Oesophageal cancer.

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“It was a tough start, before starting walking I had little energy with the grief, but now my body is used to walking 15-18 miles every day,” said Addie.

Protesting at Lloyds of London Protesting at Lloyds of London
Protesting at Lloyds of London

"The weather has been really hot for over a month, and it can be tough being in the sun all day. The coastal path has been beautiful so far, and I love swimming everyday with mountain views. I have been walking for 6 weeks and covered 700 miles.

Michael and Addie met protesting in G7 in St Ives, Cornwall. They took part in actions around the country with Extinction Rebellion (XR).

Michael, with talents in music technology, produced many tracks for XR’s performance art, and combined soundscapes and poetry for COP26 radio.

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He raised awareness in the local community about sewage pollution, flooding risk due to climate change, and held the county council to account on their action on the climate crisis.

Addie walking near Aberystwyth  Addie walking near Aberystwyth
Addie walking near Aberystwyth

Michael took action in London, climbing five stories up the insurance company Lloyd’s of London.

"Michael was the kindest, most generous and thoughtful soul, who always went the extra mile to help people and the planet.

"He inspired and supported his friends and family, and we all are missing him dearly. Since his passing friends have stepped up and joined XR in London at The Big One. He’s still helping to save the world even now,” says Michael’s partner Addie May.

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Addie embarked on her walk around Wales on the 6th May, and has completed Offa’s Dyke, scaling Snowdon and is currently in north Pembrokeshire on the Welsh Coast Path.

Michael and Addie protesting in LondonMichael and Addie protesting in London
Michael and Addie protesting in London

The walk will take up to three months, which is tragically the same amount of time that Michael had with us from his terminal diagnosis, despite a 10-18 month prognosis.

The money raised from this walk in memory of Michael, will go to XR, Just Stop Oil, and The Climate Emergency Fund, supporting non-violent direct protests and actions to put pressure on government and big business to act on the climate and biodiversity breakdown.

You can donate to Addie’s campaign at: https://chuffed.org/project/climatewalk

Or Google: chuffed climate walk