100 days in Town Hall

Council leader Julie Dore
Council leader Julie Dore
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THE first 100 days of Labour’s leadership of Sheffield Council have been characterised by the party getting the job done and delivering on their pledges, leader Coun Julie Dore said today.

The Sheffield Council leader, who seized control from the city’s Lib Dems in the April elections, said key Labour action ‘to keep communities safe’ had seen the council reinstating 10 Police Community Support Officers cut by the Lib Dems, and supporting services to support children and families.

“We have reinvested money in the voluntary sector to help them continue the important work they do in Sheffield’s communities following a heavy 15 per cent cut by the Lib Dems,” said Coun Dore.

“And shortly we will be announcing more details of our apprenticeship programme for young people - where we are taking action in stark contrast to the Lib Dems who would not take action to support youth employment in Sheffield.”

But Lib Dem leader Coun Shaffaq Mohammed claimed disappointments and dithering tell the story of the new Labour council since they won control.

He claimed Sheffield people were concerned at a ‘lack of action’ at the Town Hall since Labour had taken over.

“The first 100 days of a political administration are normally marked by exciting new announcements and lots of action,” he said. “When the Lib Dems took control in 2008 we announced ways we would improve local people’s lives every few days. However, in Sheffield all we have seen from Labour is a long list of disappointments and dithering.

“Labour have failed to deliver on the promises they made before the election and are failing to put forward any new ideas on the big issues such as creating local jobs. It’s clear to me those people who voted for Labour at the last local elections are being severely let down.”

He said failures included no extra funding for Sure Start centres, no 20mph zones, no new policies to help the economy, and cutting important local transport schemes agreed by local councillors.

But Coun Dore said her cabinet were busy dealing with the Lib Dem ‘legacy of failure’, which had left behind many delayed and unfinished projects. “In the past 100 days the Lib Dems have done nothing but carp and criticise without any substance whatsoever, trying to score political points at any given opportunity,” she said. “They have nothing constructive left to say after three wasted years at the Town Hall. They should stand up for Sheffield as we try to deal with the £220 million of cuts the council faces from the Tory-Lib Dem government.”