10 Sheffield foods, drinks and dishes every local should try at least once

Everyone loves a good nosh, and here in Sheffield we have more than enough culinary delights to satisfy those hunger pangs.

Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 3:57 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 4:08 pm
Here in Sheffield we have more than enough culinary delights to satisfy those hunger pangs
Here in Sheffield we have more than enough culinary delights to satisfy those hunger pangs

Yorkshire may be famed for its iconic Yorkshire pudding, but Sheffield has a few of its own unique dishes and delicacies to keep your palate on its toes. Here are a few foods and drinks everyone in the city should try at least once.

Sometimes referred to as a Yorkshire fish cake, this glorious creation comprises two pieces of potato with white fish sandwiched in the middle, which is then battered and fried to perfection.
Known locally as Hendo's or The Black Stuff, Henderson's Relish was originally made at 35 Broad Lane in Sheffield in 1885. The condiment can be found in most local chippys and adds a delicious hint of spice to any dish.

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Launched by Sheffield based company Bassett in 1899, Liquorice Allsorts proved an instant hit and later inspired the mascot, Bertie Bassett, who has been a prominent feature in the branding of the sweets since the 1920s.
Yet another Bassett's product which proved to be a runaway success, Jelly Babies are still loved today and can credit their popularity in part to George Harrison of The Beatles, who once said they were his favourite sugary treat.
The Sheffield Honey Company supply their products to some of the best loved restaurants, bakeries and brewers in the city, including Joro, Rafters Restaurant and Upshot, and they do some great gift items too.
Dixons is one of Sheffield's major sweet manufacturers, having been making sugary creations in the city since the 1880s. The mint rock was one of the first boiled sweets made by Henry Dixon and remains a firm favourite.
Sheffield based confectioner's Maxons are renowned for their traditional array of sweets and sherbets, but the Yorkshire Mixture is one of its best, comprising a variety of fruit and mint humbugs, pear drops and fruit rock.
Some folk may opt for Krispy Kreme, but in Sheffield there is no better place to get your doughnut fix than at Eve's Kitchen. The handmade delights are baked fresh each morning and can also be made custom to order.
Here in the North we are rather fond of a pie, but meat and tattie (potato to those not in the know) is the creme de la creme. Traditionally served with mushy peas, gravy and Henderson's Relish, it is a winner of a dinner.
Known as the real ale capital of the UK, Sheffield is home to some of the most talented brewers, including Abbeydale Brewery, Kelham Island Brewery and The Sheffield Brewery Company. All must tries for ale fans.