10 out of 10 for caring hospital

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THERE is no higher praise for a hospital than from its patients.

So when Sheffield’s Northern General Hospital receives compliments such as 10 out of 10 and fabulous, the doctors, nurses and staff have every reason to be proud.

These comments were reported to a health watchdog which praised standards of care, treatment and safety.

Inspectors from the Care Quality Commission said patients felt satisfied with the hospital and ‘well looked-after’.

This is excellent work which fully deserves the praise it receives.

We feel sure the hospital will have noted the inspectors’ minor reservations and will be working to address fractionally missing the waiting time target and a poor standard of privacy on one geriatric ward.

Such a huge institution as the Northern General is bound to have the odd glitch.

The most significant finding is that patients say they feel well looked after.

We can do more to stop burglars

ONE in 10 of all crimes committed across South Yorkshire are burglaries – a statistic that is on the increase and will continue to rise because of the recession.

Police are putting a spotlight on the prevalence of this type of crime with a day of action today.

Between February last year and January there has been a six per cent rise in burglaries. But one staggering statistic is that more than one quarter of them is committed at homes where the occupiers have left doors unlocked or windows open.

We are quite literally inviting the burglar into our homes to help themselves to our belongings in one in four of all house burglaries.

So while we expect the police to do their job in catching the thieves, they quite rightly expect us to help them do their jobs by taking care to lock our houses. It could be as simple as that to prevent your home being broken into.

Deeds not words

IT is good to hear the council pledging to take a hard line against those caught flytipping.

The promise follows the report by this newspaper of the disgusting scenes off Sutherland Road where a patch of land has been turned into a rubbish tip.

However, deeds must speak louder than words. Last year only 12 people were convicted of waste-related offences. Many more were cautioned.

A hard line must consist of more prosecutions.