'10 months is not enough' - Sheffield bus crash victim's heartbroken mum speaks out over driver's sentence

As the bus driver who killed her daughter is given 10 months in prison, Summer Seymour's mum has spoken out over the sentence and says the loss of her daughter has left her with 'no joy' in her life.

Thursday, 13th April 2017, 5:10 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:47 pm
Corrina Seymour pictured outside Sheffield Crown Court after bus driver Paul Brown was sentenced to 10 months in prison for the crash that killed her daughter Summer (left).

Judge Paul Watson QC sentenced Paul Andrew Brown, aged 51, of Cannon Hall Road, Fir Vale, to 10 months in prison after he admitted to one count of causing death by dangerous driving, relating to a crash in Haymarket, Sheffield city centre that led to the death of 15-year-old Summer Seymour.

Speaking outside the court this afternoon, Summer’s mum Corrina Seymour said she did not think Brown had been given a long enough sentence.

She said: “Whatever sentence would have been passed today would never have been enough.

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“A life for a life, as far as I’m concerned, but that’s not to be.


“No, 10 months is not enough. Not at all.”

She added: “Summer left behind grandparents, parents, brothers and a sister. The effect on our family has been massive.

“There’s no joy anymore. In some ways I feel we’re in denial, and that Summer will burst through the door at any moment asking ‘what’s with the sad faces’?

“In other ways I know she’s gone forever. We go through the motions of life, but we’re not really living – we’re surviving.

“Every day is a day closer to Summer. I can’t describe the pain as a mother having to identify your daughter’s body. Nothing could ever prepare anyone for that. You give life to your kids - you don’t see them dead.

“Most women say there is no greater pain than to birth a child. I disagree, there’s no greater pain than burying a child.”

The crash on December 11, 2015, also left Summer’s boyfriend Jake Ford, now 18, with life threatening injuries including multiple rib fractures, lung lacerations and a fractured clavicle and vertebrae.

The 18-year-old has continuing issues with back pain, urinary problems and has had to have his home adapted and a stairlift fitted.

In a heartbreaking victim impact statement read out in court, Jake said: “I just feel empty. Completely torn apart.

"Going from having everything, total independence, just started my life, just literally got a job and had the most beautiful girlfriend in the world and I had so much going for me.”