The 10 biggest sex turn-offs for men and women in South Yorkshire have been revealed

The 10 biggest sex turn-offs for men and women in South Yorkshire have been revealed in a new survey.

Wednesday, 25th September 2019, 12:17 pm
Updated Wednesday, 25th September 2019, 12:19 pm

Women’s biggest turn-off is men talking about sex with another partner without being asked.

Two-thirds of women (64%) said they would rather not hear about sex with the ex.

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The biggest sex turn offs in South Yorkshire have been revealed.

Meanwhile, men’s biggest turn-off is women who insist on turning the lights off during sex, with 57% saying this has been an issue for them.

The results are revealed in a new survey by, the leading dating site for married people.

The second most popular female turn off is men who think that sex is over the moment they orgasm - 58% of women have experienced this.

In third place was having pets in the bedroom - just over half of women 52% said this had put them off sex in the past.

Fourth place went to sending unsolicited sex pictures - 43% of women had received images they didn’t like.

Fifth place was a man revealing he had been unfaithful with another partner - 37% said they didn’t like this.

The second biggest male turn off was women who are silent or motionless during sex - 53% said this had been an issue.

In third place was Bridget Jones underwear - more than half of men (52%) said they had been turned off by big knickers or underwear that is old.

Fourth place went to women who admitted they had cheated - 48% of men said they didn’t want to know about past betrayals.

Fifth place went to women who are more interested in their phone than their partner in bed - 42% of men said this had been a problem in the past. sex and relationship expert Jessica Leoni: “All our research shows that more than 90% of people in South Yorkshire have been unfaithful at some point in their lives.

“Just because nearly all of us have cheated doesn’t mean you have to tell your new partner what a rat you are.

“New relationships are all about discovery and learning about people’s past lives, but some topics are a real no-no, especially in the first few weeks of dating.

“If you admit that you are a cheat on one of your first dates, expect your new partner to do the same - creating mistrust on both sides which could well kill the relationship before you get started.”

The typical female member has six separate 'affairs' or sexual encounters a year - most commonly with a married male executive earning an average of £62,000 a year.

The typical male member has five affairs or sexual encounters a year with different women who earn an average of £47,000 a year.

Women’s top ten turn offs

1 Men talking about sex with the ex

2 He thinks sex is over as soon as he has orgasmed

3 Pets in the bedroom

4 Sending unsolicited sex pictures

5 He says he’s a cheat

6 Bad breath or BO

7 Asking: “Are you close yet?” - guaranteed to kill her chances of orgasm

8 Him using porn secretly

9 Not wanting to wear a condom

10 Having sex like a porn star - with lots of fast and furious thrusts

Men’s top ten turn offs

1 Insisting on lights off during sex

2 Women being silent or motionless during sex

3 Bridget Jones underwear

4 She says she has cheated

5 More interested in her phone than me

6 Pets in bedroom

7 Poor personal hygiene

8 Being too clingy

9 Lacking body confidence

10 Faking orgasms