£1.3 million Doncaster markets plan decision deferred

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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COUNCILLORS last night called for plans to be redrafted on the facelift of Doncaster markets - to include outlying parts of the borough too.

Mayor Peter Davies has drawn up proposals for a £1.3 million revamp of the town centre outdoor market, which would see 138 stalls removed and replaced with 100 more modern structures.

The scheme would also see 50 removable stalls made available, and stalls would be arranged to make the current Wool Market more visible and accessible.

The revamped market would also have new paving, street furniture, and lighting, as well as replacement water, electricity and telecommunications connections. Mr Davies has said money left over could be spent on Thorne and Mexborough markets.

But, at last night’s full council meeting, Labour called for specific plans to be outlined to look at what could be done for the markets in the borough’s outlying towns too, and voted to defer making a decision on giving the plan the go-ahead.

Coun Glyn Jones, Doncaster Labour group leader, said: “The people of Doncaster are rightly proud of our rich market heritage. And Labour supports investment in the market to ensure it remains one of the jewels in Doncaster’s crown.

“But Doncaster is much more than a town. It’s a diverse and wide-ranging borough, with many town centres, and several markets. People all over Doncaster from Mexborough to Thorne should benefit from this scheme.

“Labour has asked that the report is rewritten to include investment in Doncaster Market and the markets in outlying towns, so the whole borough can benefit from a boost in investment, jobs and growth.”

Council officials say the aim of the planned revamp is to reverse a decline which they fear could lead to only 50 of the 138 outdoor stalls being occupied in three years’ time.

Their figures predict 10 people cent more people will visit the open market after a revamp, and 15 per cent more would use the Wool Market.