1,000 people sign petition against gypsy site proposals

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Protesters collected 1,000 objections against plans for a gypsy and traveller site in an old South Yorkshire quarry.

Members of the Kiveton Park Station Action Group have collected the petition against the proposals for the site next to the railway station.

Objections have been received from local communities in Anston, Kiveton Park, Wales, Todwick, Harthill and Thorpe Salvin.

The petition will be handed in at Rotherham Town Hall tomorrow.

Objectors have focused on beliefs that the proposals contravene green belt planning regulations, and fail to consider more appropriate uses of the site, such as car parking to serve the railway station.

The quarry, which is used to store council grass cutting vehicles, is famous for supplying the stone that built the Houses of Parliament.

The action group held a protest meeting earlier this week.

Neil Munday, a member of its organising committee, said: “There are health and safety issues wherever you look, from the tall quarry faces to the railway line next door.

“The council itself says that the quarry would not be considered for any other habitation, so why is it considered fit for travellers?”