Stay safe on the road: Amazon's Choice for alerts on road hazards and speed cameras

An in-car device called OOONO CO-DRIVER gives motorists real-time alerts on speed cameras and road hazards, could help you drive more safely.

Over two million of these have been sold across Europe and now they’ve hit the UK market – and you have the chance to win one of 10 devices worth £69.99 each.

The Danish tech company, founded in 2017, which created the OOONO CO-DRIVER devices, has two versions on the market, and both are designed to give early and clear visual and audio alerts to drivers – warning of road hazards and various types of speed cameras.

The OOONO Co-driver NO1 and NO2 went on sale on Amazon UK this month. Already a best seller across Europe, with over 50,000 Amazon reviews, it is a category leader and an Amazon choice.

One reviewer said: “This is a great piece of kit. Discrete, no trailing wires, hasn’t missed a camera yet and easy to set up. I was able to sync unit with my own phone and my wife’s - connects faultlessly every time. An absolute bargain!”. And another commented: “I’ve only been using it for a couple of days but it is very responsive indicates a speed camera or road issue well in advance. You can change the distance or time before it alerts you.”

Promising real-time alerts on speed cameras (fixed, mobile, and traffic lights) and road hazards (accidents, roadworks, debris, breakdowns), the CO-DRIVER relies on data from OOONOs community of users and data from the European database Blitzer – this means the more people that use it, the more effective it becomes.

CO-DRIVER NO1 provides a simple and effective solution with audio-visual warnings, while CO-DRIVER NO2 elevates the experience with advanced features, including in-app navigation and seamless compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

You could win one of 10 CO-DRIVER NO2 devices absolutely free by entering the competition here

(Closing date for competition entries is Noon on April 8, 2024)

To find out more and buy CO-DRIVER NO2 on Amazon click here

To find out more and buy CO-DRIVER NO1 on Amazon click here

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