Join The Star’s new Facebook group to help us break down barriers

The Star has launched a new ‘We are Sheffield’ Facebook group in an attempt to connect with all communities in the city.

The Star has set up a 'We are Sheffield' group on Facebook aimed at getting communities to connect
The Star has set up a 'We are Sheffield' group on Facebook aimed at getting communities to connect

Sheffield is made up of people from all walks of life and backgrounds, but how often do we interact with all the different communities?

For most, this is not often.

It may be that we are not educated enough about minority communities - if little is heard about them then little is known about them and information is often created on the basis of rumours, which can be incorrect.

When it comes to mental health, this can have devastating effects.

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    The ‘We are Sheffield’ project aims to remove barriers and connect all communities in Sheffield.

    It aims to raise the profile of underrepresented groups by speaking to those individuals directly - to share their life stories, passions and show off their talents.

    In doing so, it is hoped that Sheffield will be better educated about minority groups and the hidden problems regarding mental health within these communities.

    The project also aims to promote the overall good that individuals and organisations are doing in attempting to tackle the growing problem that is mental health.

    So far, the real reasons behind why Afro-Caribbean and Somali men are overrepresented on the mental health wards has been discovered.

    It has also been seen how gardening as well as alpaca therapy treks have contributed to better mental well-being.

    To be more connected with your fellow Sheffielders and to join the mission in better managing mental health, join the ‘We are Sheffield’ Facebook group.

    Stories relating specifically to mental health and underrepresented communities will be posted to the group.

    It is also a place for the people of Sheffield to raise their voices, to identify problem areas and to reach out to those may still be suffering alone.

    Regardless of where you come from and whether you are struggling with mental health today, this does not matter - ’We are Sheffield’.