Hendrick’s Gin partners with talented poet and writer Nikita Gill to create a lyrical backdrop to this Momentous and Magical Summer

With the UK heatwavebasking the United Kingdom in glorious sunshine this week, the magic of summer is already in the air.

To mark the start of this historically important season, Hendricks’s Gin has enlisted the poetic mastery of one of the UK’s most exciting up and coming writers, Nikita Gill, to pen the perfect backdrop to this unique summer of rekindled joy.

The candid, curious and captivating ode to the magic ofthis summer, to be played out on Spotify throughout the season, offers listeners a chance to let their imagination break from the conventional, daydream about summer days to come or set the mood of those they are experiencing.  

With over half (54%) the nation having found escape in music in recent times, the poem will complement and add a touch of magic to people’s playlists this summer.

Inspired by new research of 2,000 British adults, commissioned by Hendrick’s Gin to mark the Premium Gin’s first ever Spotify partnership, the 40 second spotcaptures the magical feeling anticipated by 25.3 million people (48%):

People are looking forward to discovering new places (36%), feeling alive again (31%), and rekindling their social connections (30%), while others are eager to see people smiling as never before, feeling more liberated and savouring the moment.
Rekindling creative pursuits is a priority for more than 5.8 million UK adults (11%), with almost one third (31%) keen to escape the mundane elements of day to day life. More than 1 in 10 are lookingforward to reawakening their senses (13%), renewing their curiosity (14%) and resuscitating spontaneity (14%).
People are very clear on how the magic of this summer will sound the nation’s soundtrack willinclude being surrounded by the chatter of loved ones (35%), hearing a best friend’s laugh (21%), and clinking glasses with friends to toast to new beginnings (15%).

This season, Hendrick’s Gin, along with poet and playwright Nikita Gill, capture all of this emotion and magical anticipation in An Ode to This Summer shining hope on a season full of experiences, heightened emotions and social connections.

“I was delighted to capture the soundtrack of this summer in partnership with Hendrick’s Gin, not only because it’s my favourite gin brand, but also because there will never be a momentous summer like this one again… A magical summer where we all appreciate escaping the mundane more than ever, and focus on rekindling joy with our friends and family, poet and writer Nikita Gill shares.

Like many of us (43%), Nikita has found escape inliterature in recent times. She hopes this poem will transport people to the magical summer they long for…