VIDEO: Sheffield artists give public an insight

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ARTISTS across Sheffield threw open their studio doors as part of initiative to make art more accessible in the city.

Sixty-six professional artists took part in the free Open Studios event to provide the public with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of art, its creation and inspiration.

Dulcie & Perris Heath get to work while dad Andy works in the background

Dulcie & Perris Heath get to work while dad Andy works in the background

Painters, sculptors, jewellery makers and silversmiths filled rooms at Persistence Works, Porter Brook, Manor Oaks and Knutton Road studios in Sheffield to chat with visitors at the two-day exhibition.

“We’ve been doing this in Sheffield for more than 20 years and each year we have more studios taking part, more buildings opened up and more artists applying to take part,” said Kate Dore, director of Yorkshire Artspace, the event organisers.

“It’s an annual event and we see the number of visitors growing every year, It’s always popular and, as many items are for sale, lots of people are leaving with little packages under their arms which is great.”

Sheffield silversmith Sarah Pasley was blown away by the event after taking part for the first time this year.

“People seem really interested in what we’re doing and they have lots of questions which is really nice,” said Sarah, aged 37.

“We’ve had a steady flow of people the whole time and it’s really lovely being in such a creative environment with other artists, as I’m normally at home working away alone in my shed!”

Jo Henderson, from Broomhall, has been visiting the Open Studios exhibition for many years.

“It’s lovely that Sheffield does this, opening up its studio doors, I don’t know many cities that do,” said Jo, 61.

“It’s a great way of involving and encouraging people who wouldn’t normally go to an art exhibition to see what’s happening right on their doorstep.

“I’ve enjoyed seeing how different artists have developed over the years and have purposely come back time and time again to see some of the ones I’ve seen before. I’ve come for a browse and am trying not to buy, but it’s not easy!”

Another visitor, Bruce Goodwin, said he was no art buff but that the exhibition had something for everyone.

“I’m really enjoying some of the quirkier exhibits,” said the 40-year-old, from Sharrow. “I’m very taken by some of the pieces I’ve seen and have spied a really nice table I think I’m going to end up investing in.”

Sculptor Ross Gilbertson has been exhibiting at the Open Studios event ever since it began.

“This is our opportunity to show the public what we’re doing and I think that’s really important,” he said.

“Art should be for everyone and it becomes more achievable when you can come and see someone else doing it, right in front of you.

“I encourage people to play around when they’re in my studio and try and make some things for themselves.

“This year we’ve had a heck of a lot more visitors than we’ve ever had before and more artists taking part which is fantastic. When it comes to art, my feeling is, the more the merrier.”