TECH TALK: PuroGamer volume-limiting headphones

Slightly different approach to this review I thought as I sidled into the front room where my 17-year-old son was playing Fifa on his Xbox One and who barely flinched as I carefully slid the PuroGamer headphones onto his ears.

By Dean Mellor
Monday, 27th January 2020, 5:37 pm
Updated Tuesday, 28th January 2020, 12:12 pm
PuroGamer headphones
PuroGamer headphones

I deemed this was one piece of tech that was best left to the master to thoroughly put through its paces and for me to garner snippets of information from him in between Messi goals and Scooby Doo-sized sandwiches.

So what was the verdict? Impressive is the short answer. As a parent I was happy with the fact that these headphones from the Puro Sound Labs have a built-in software limiter that keeps the volume below 85 decibels to protect the ears from loud bangs or explosions without affecting the overall gaming experience.

With concern about noise-induced hearing loss in teenagers and adults in later life and the number of gamers rising year on year, the headphones have been designed specifically for gaming and so immediately got my thumbs-up.

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PuroGamer headphones

The headphones have a classy aluminium design in black with cobalt blue LED lighting effects, with padded protein leather removable ear cups and headband with a stainless-steel build and zinc alloy buckle.

A 50mm graphene driver and response equaliser provide a balanced and safe sound so gamers can fully enjoy the experience without causing damage to their ears. Additionally, the PuroGamer headphones have 75% ambient noise isolation at 1kHz to allow gamers to shut out the rest of the world whilst they play.

The PuroGamer headphones also feature the Puro Balanced Frequency Response Audio Curve, a frequency response curve that matches the natural sound reproduced in a perfectly tuned listening room. The headphones are tuned specifically to sound great at lower listening levels so even when the volume is lower, the sound and experience whilst gaming will not be compromised. The sound effects and game dialogue can be heard clearly against the full spectrum of audio from deep bass to high frequencies.

Using headphones and being fully immersed in the game can often include using a microphone to talk to friends in a multiplayer tournament or challenge.

PuroGamer headphones

The PuroGamer headphones have an omnidirectional noise-cancelling boom microphone for clear conversations that will filter out ambient sounds meaning that it is easy to talk to fellow players or opponents with clarity.

It connects to the headphones via a 3.5mm stereo jack, so can be easily taken out when not being used. This came in handy when I tested them on my phone's music tracks - a pretty impressive sound that rivals many non-gaming contemporaries.

Connectivity to the gaming device is also via a 3.5mm jack, or a USB, though, unlike the mic, these are not removable so there is always going to be one lead hanging down like a spare part – the only minor negative I have to offer.

They're very light too and so providing comfort for extended use for the occasions when the hours are flying by on the latest game release.

PuroGamer headphones

The headphones are compatible with PC, Xbox, PlayStation 4 and mobile devices so they can be used by anyone no matter the preferred console.

The PuroGamer headphones are available to buy from Amazon for £69.99.


Purogamer Headphones

PuroGamer headphones.

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