TECH TALK: Defunc TRUE GO Wireless Earpods

During the past few years, wireless earbuds have become increasingly popular and I was very keen to try out the new design by Swedish independent audio design expert Defunc’s TRUE GO wireless earpods.

Friday, 8th November 2019, 1:20 pm
Updated Friday, 8th November 2019, 3:08 pm
Defunc TRUE BLUE wireless earbuds

My earbuds came in a really lovely navy blue colour with the charging case the same matt finish. This was a nice change from the shades normally on offer.

Four LEDs on the front panel let you know the charge of the earpods and, should this need topping up, then there’s a USB-C port on the bottom of the case.

Opening this pretty case you will find the headphones tucked away. They are very easy to remove and put back in when you've finished.

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Defunc TRUE GO Wireless Earbuds

Once you've removed the headphone from the case both the LED lights and a voice control in the earbuds let you know when they have paired with each other, and then when they have paired with your phone via Bluetooth 5.

The earbuds work great when listening to music at my desk or when I’m at home, but I did struggle when having to put my phone inside anything as the connection would suffer.

I noticed this on many occasions either when on a call or listening to music and my phone was in my pocket. This is my first pair of truly wireless earbuds so I am not sure if others have experienced this and that it is a known issue, but for me it was a problem that meant I had to carry my phone in my hand.

The TRUE GO features touch control on the earbuds which are very sensitive and I found that having my hair down did sometimes annoyingly stop/pause and end phone conversations.

Defunc TRUE GO Wireless Earbuds

If you have short hair or keep it up in a ponytail this problem is eliminated. There is also also quite a delay on pressing the buttons on the side to it happening, which resulted in me pressing the button a number of times to have the music stop/start.

There are a number of commands you can do on the buds themselves but some I struggled to use and this would turn the earbuds off, resulting in a very loud command in your ears when turning them back on.

The microphone, based in the hanging area of the earbuds, is very good, and during phone calls there were no issues with sound quality from either end.

The earbuds are very comfortable to wear in my ears and feel very secure, and there are no issues with volume. However, the downside to this is when the TRUE GO earbuds tell you the battery is low, as the message is even louder than the audio you're listening to – a little unpleasant, especially when you're not expecting it.

Defunc TRUE GO Wireless Earbuds

The earpods can be used both together and separately, even while one is charging, which is handy if you only want to wear one.

The battery life is standard for wireless earbuds. Each whole charge gave me around three-and-a-half hours’ use which was fine for me. The buds themselves can fully charge in an hour and a half and the case charged my buds three times before I had to put them both back on charge via the USB-C cable.

The Defunc TRUE GO true wireless earpod are available in four colours – black, white, red, blue and green – for $49 (roughly £38 at time of writing) from the Defunc website – making them one of the best value earbuds on the market.

Visit the website here

Defunc TRUE GO Wireless Earbuds

In the box:



charging case

USB-C cable.

Features on the box:

Defunc TRUE GO Wireless Earbuds

14 h playtime

Superb secure fit

Powerful sound

Long-lasting comfort

Touch control

Bluetooth 5.0


10 m wireless range

Charging box