Takeaway Test: McDonalds,

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Herten Way, Lakeside, Doncaster. By David Kessen

The plan had been to stop off for butties at the Asda on the way to visiting the Aeroventure museum.

But in the end a packed supermarket car park forced a change.

Instead, we stopped off at the nearby McDonald’s. At my age, I felt a bit old for burger and chips, so tried going for what looked like the healthier option of a grilled chicken salad wrap.

The bread tasted fresh and the chicken was well cooked.

And the service was reasonable quick.

The only qualm I had with the food was that the lettuce in the wrap was rather limp and lacked any crunch.

But the snack was plenty of extra fuel to get me round the classic aircraft exhibitions for a couple of hours.

The chicken wrap was £1.99,