Suzuki crack the crossover challenge

CAR manufacturers are always very keen to know how the residual value experts classify new models which is quite obvious on new car Press launches where their views are taken extremely seriously because it can have a big impact on sales writes Bryan Longworth.

I was reminded of this situation when reading that the new Suzuki SX4 S-Cross had received an impressive residual value rating from Glass’s Guide which is regarded as the Bible of used car values by car dealers.

0f course owners of new cars are very interested in residual values because they reflect the value of their pride and joy when they sell the car which is why those people who have bought or are thinking about buying the Suzuki should have nothing to worry about.

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Two of the main rivals to the SX4 S-Cross are the Nissan Qashqai and Skoda Yeti and after owning both of these cars I can say without doubt that the Suzuki which can be acquired with two or four wheel drive is very tempting for motorists wanting this sort of crossover vehicle.

The Suzuki has enticing pricing starting at ?14,999 and my test car was the 1.6 DDiS Allgrip SZ5 which is the top model costing £23,549 having a 1.6 diesel engine and four wheel drive which can be used in four driver selectable modes - auto, sport, snow and lock through a push and turn dial on the centre console.

There is six speed manual transmission with a top speed of 108mph, zero to 62mph time of 13 seconds with a combined fuel consumption of 64.2mpg and I noted that the trip computer was recording an average fuel consumption of around 54mpg which is very good for such a vehicle and a real life mpg return has also won a top award from a leading motoring organisation.

SX4 S-Cross which is built at Suzuki’s factory in Hungary has purposeful styling that reminded me of the Qashqai and the test car was fitted with the world’s first double sliding glass sunroof that helps to create a pleasing ambience inside the car and which is one of the largest in this segment.

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I liked the commanding driving position and the ride comfort level was very good with passengers who can be very critical of test cars commenting on the comfortable and roomy interior - the instrumention and switchgear were also very user friendly and standard kit included leather seats, sat nav and DAB digital radio.

There was just one exception and this was the control for the on board computer which was tucked away in the speedometer unit behind the steering wheel and was both difficult and fiddly to locate and operate.

The roomy boot which is one of the largest in this market sector helps to make this keenly priced Suzuki a crossover that is also a very competent vehicle in difficult off road and wintry situations that should be seriously considered despite the competiton.

As mentioned earlier I have owned both a Qashqai and a Yeti which I liked very much and the SX4 S-Cross provides potential customers with another very credible competitor when the time comes to make a purchase especially with winter approaching.

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Suzuki which is still a family owned company was rather late to this market sector but the SX4 S-Cross with its excellent level of standard equipment is a very formidable compact crossover in every way.

Fact File

Model: Suzuki SX4 S-Cross 1.6 DDiS Allgrip SZ5.

Engine: 1.6 diesel.

Transmission: Six speed manual four wheel drive.

Top speed: 108mph.

Acceleration: O to 62mph 13 seconds.

Fuel consumption: 64.2mpg combined.

CO2 emissions: 114g/km.

Price: £23,549.

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