Why you should visit Hardwick Hall for a great day out

Hardwick Hall is renowned for its outstanding natural beauty, making it a must-see destination for local daytrippers and this is why.

Hardwick Hall is an Elizabethan showstopper in Derbyshire, surrounded by 2,000 acres of parkland. It was the infamous Elizabeth Cavendish, later on known as ‘Bess of Hardwick’ who created the Hall in the late 16th Century and since then, her descendants, farmers, gardeners, builders and craftsmen of all kinds, have contributed to make Hardwick the vision it is today and proclaiming it to be a must-see sight in the UK.

The heritage sight based at Doe lea, Chesterfield in West Yorkshire, England, shows the history and scenery made by the multiple figures in the past and most importantly, is surprisingly easy to stop by – whether transport be taken by train, car or bus.

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There is a bus stop two miles away from the parking lot and if you choose to travel in the car the journey will take roughly 45 minutes. It will be important to note that both the parking lots require payment on the day however it is vastly spacious which is perfect if your planning a family trip, or you could arrive by train and take the bus directly to the Park. Either way you choose to visit, the travel and parking will most surely be unproblematic.

One of the main attractions of Hardwick hall is the visitor favorite restaurant called ‘The Great Barn’. The restaurant is presently fully open, serving a range of refreshments including hot breakfasts, soup, main meals, light snacks, hot and cold drinks, cakes and scones, which visitors have reviewed as “exquisite” with fast service.

In the parkland, the activities available differ from seasons however the Elizabethan manor with fantastic design and architecture alongside the Hardwick treasures exhibition with 125 valuable historic items and the parkland farm are all open year round for visitors. Whether you come alone with a feline friend or stop by with your family on a sunny day, the hall allow visitors to have picnics on the grounds with tables also available, with plenty hidden spots to find and take a break to admire the beautiful countryside and gardens.