SSSSH! UK’s leading baby whisperer is coming to Meadowhall

Best-selling baby book author gets ready to tell Yorkshire mums her trade secrets.

Monday, 8th June 2015, 5:06 pm

Acclaimed baby sleep expert Alison Scott-Wright is heading to Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Sheffield, on Friday July 3, to host an event that no new mum will want to miss.

As part of the hugely successful Mini & Me parents and carers club launched in May at the Centre, Alison will be holding a ‘Baby & Sleep’ session where she will be offering help and advice on how to give both you and your baby/toddler a good night’s sleep.

The holy grail of new mums, getting baby into a good sleep pattern in the early weeks can be the difference between coping or crumbling for some sleep-deprived parents.

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Author of the best-selling book – The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan – Alison is also an expert of how to deal with reflux in babies, as well as other issues such as how to drop night feeds, to removing dummies from bedtime routines.

Alison is the third guest speaker at Meadowhall’s Mini & Me Club which meets every first Friday of the month at 9.30am in the Oasis Dining Quarter. Lasting around 90 minutes, the event is also a chance to meet other parents and for the children to play and interact.

Alison said: “I am really looking forward to coming to Meadowhall and meeting as many parents as possible. Getting your baby or toddler into a good sleep pattern can be the difference between enjoying and embracing those first months or dreading them. Time passes so fast when you have children and it is such a shame if you don’t get to savour it as much as possible.

“It sounds obvious but every baby is different so it’s about finding what is right for your child and which techniques will work, or can be adapted for someone’s circumstances. The worst thing someone can do is to suffer in silence with sleep deprivation – it’s not healthy for the parents or the baby.”

Centre Events Manager Alex Caley added: “The first two sessions of Mini & Me were very poplar so we have allowed even more spaces for Alison as we know this is a topic close to many tired parents’ heart.

“The Mini & Me Club is a long term plan to offer mums, dads and carers something fun and social to do here at Meadowhall and the feedback we are getting so far has been brilliant.”

Any carer can register to be part of the Mini & Me club - including dads, child-minders and grandparents. It is easy to do online at Mini and Me

Once registered you can see what is coming up, dates, times and events to look forward to. Parents can also add in their own ideas and feedback via tell Meadowhall at Meadowhall