Space saving dwiss on sale after 10-year refinement

Inventor of the dwiss Jon Walker
Inventor of the dwiss Jon Walker
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An eco-friendly space-saving device has been launched by Sheffield-based designer Jon Walker after more than 10 years of product design.

Hand-finished by master craftsmen, the ‘dwiss’ recycling unit is made from beech plywood from managed forests.

The dwiss recycling unit

The dwiss recycling unit

It has been made to satisfy the needs of the design-conscious and eco-friendly buyer, John says.

And it lives up to the mantra of celebrated designer William Morris, who once said: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

The dwiss has four compartments that store different types of waste and which can be easily emptied.

One compartment can be fitted with a bin bag, so users can simply replace household bins.

Jon said: “Working to a William Morris ethos and incorporating the design philosophies of Kaj Franck and Dieter Rams, we’ve created a product which is functional, beautiful and sustainable.

“As well as promoting a sustainable lifestyle, the dwiss is fully sustainable.

“A product’s environmental impact is often unclear, but through the conservative use of materials, optimum durability and maintenance support, the dwiss contributes to the circular economy to reduce waste.

“Mechanical parts that may be subject to failure have been eliminated and it is designed to last a lifetime.

“The packaging ‘presents’ the dwiss on delivery, with the four sides dropping down as part of a grand reveal. The packaging is also easy to disassemble and store in the dwiss prior to recycling.”

Jon Walker is an inventor and designer married to entrepreneur Lou, who runs her own business in Sheffield.

He has two children, Bella-Rae and Hudson, and loves mountain biking in the Peak District.

Formerly a worker in environmental management within the construction sector, Jon invented the dwiss after he started recycling as much as possible at home.

He said: “It resulted in piles of paper here, boxes of plastic there and bags of cans hanging from the kitchen door handle. Not a great scenario.”

He added: “I went round to a friend’s house for dinner and, yep, they had the same setup.

“It made me think: ‘there must be something out there that helps me sort my different waste types, looks good and is itself environmentally sound’.

“Recycling can make a mess of your kitchen with bottles, cans and paper stored in different places, but it doesn’t have to.”

Jon hints that he will be expanding his product line in the future to include more pieces and added: “The aim is to develop a dwiss range that provides a recycling unit for everyone - bigger, smaller, two compartments, for under your desk.”

Jon is crowfunding his invention on Indiegogo, where it has already raised £5,000.