South Yorkshire history-lovers to take their battle into gardens

The Sealed Knot battle re-enacment organisation in action
The Sealed Knot battle re-enacment organisation in action
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Visitors to historic South Yorkshire gardens will find themselves in the middle of a Civil War battle next month.

The Sealed Knot history re-enacment group plans to take over Wentworth Castle Gardens in Barnsley to recreate the Battle of Tankersley Moor, which took place in 1643, during the English Civil War.

Cannons will be fired, cavalry charges will be staged and a living history camp will be set up, depicting how people lived in the bygone era.

Simon Wright, Sealed Knot event organiser, said: “The event is what we call a major muster, which is the largest type of event we do.

“The society ended last year with about 3,500 members comprising men, women and children.

“As a major muster, this will be open to all our membership, so there will be a considerable number of re-enactors in the field.

“The event will comprise a Living History camp open the same hours as the Gardens, a number of cameos and displays, and, as the centrepiece, a large-scale re-enactment of the Battle of Tankersley.

“There will be a Living History Camp in the grounds during the day, showing traditional skills and crafts from 17th century life.

“There will be displays of arms, showing how the various weapons and battle tactics were practised.

“This will culminate in a large battle re-enactment based on the Battle of Tankersley Moor, featuring cavalry, cannon, musketeers and pikemen, demonstrating the noise, spectacle and fog of war.”

The event marks the 370th anniversary of the battle, which saw the Earl of Newcastle’s Royalist forces defeat the Parliamentarians.

Despite Newcastle’s title, he was born in Sheffield and his soldiers were recruited from across the North of England.

The Civil War started in 1642 and led to fierce battles being fought across the country for the next nine years.

Claire Herring, a director at Wentworth Castle Gardens, said: “This event promises to be spectacular. This will bring history back to life for all the family.”

* To book tickets for the event, on Saturday and Sunday, July 27 and 28, visit Wentworth Castle