These are the five stores missed most by Sheffield shoppers: Debenhams on The Moor. Pic by Chris Etchells

Sheffield high street: The five Sheffield stores missed most by shoppers

Here are five of Sheffield’s lost high street stores that we miss the most.

By Kian Rains
Sunday, 21st November 2021, 3:09 pm

Over the years, Sheffield has lost many high street stores, and it’s not until they close the shutters for the final time that we fully understand how vital they were to our shopping experience.

A new study by Raisin UK has analysed the search volume and social media engagement with high street retailers to find out which shops we really do miss the most, so get ready for a little bit of nostalgia as we analyse the past of our high streets.

Here are five of the most missed retailers from Sheffield’s high street.

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