Sheffield pub enthusiast’s mission to capture a snapshot in time

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A Sheffield ale enthusiast is writing a comprehensive book on Sheffield pubs of the post-war era.

Jamie Thompson, aged 37, from Intake, is penning a book capturing the history and stories of Sheffield’s pubs and the people who used them.

The idea for the work came in 2012 after Jamie and his friend Dave Semmens completed a mission to have a pint in every pub in the city - more than 300.

He realised about 100 of the places they visited had since shut down - so, for this year’s New Year’s resolution he decided to finally document Sheffield’s pubs.

Jamie said: “Books have already been written about Sheffield’s pubs but they tend to focus on dry historical stuff or photos of the exterior of the building. So I decided to do a combination of both the history and photos but focusing more on the people who used them.

“The book captures a picture in time of people having fun in pubs. So I’ve used pictures of my own from over the years and pictures people have submitted to me.

“Very few photos exist of the interior of pubs and of the people who used them as people didn’t have phones on them all the time like they do now.”

Jamie said Sheffield was probably the best place in the country for beer, adding: “Sheffield’s pubs have improved a lot over the past few years in variety and quality.”

Earlier this year Sheffield was named the ‘real ale capital of the world’ in a study by Sheffield University.

The book will be published next year. To contribute photos, stories or information email or contact Jamie via @PubsSheffield on Twitter.