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Thomas & Ffion Davies
Thomas & Ffion Davies
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The Davies Family embarked on an off-roading adventure (the road test happened on the pavement next to Toys R Us) involving six vehicles of varying colours, speeds and prices.

The cars tend to be replicas of classic much sought after cars. Every man that passed our little road test was extremely jealous and you could see the longing in their eyes: “If only I was smaller!”

Six-year-old Thomas’ favourite was the Blue Avigo Mini Cooper S 12V. With two gears and a reverse gear this was easily the fastest of the six.

We would recommend supervision if your child is younger as this little car really does fly. It’s easy to manoeuvre but at £329.99 you need to be sure that your child will ride it past Boxing Day or once the birthday cards have been removed from the mantelpiece.

Three-year-old Ffion’s favourite was the Pink Mini Cooper S 6V. With one gear and a reverse gear this was slower but would give a parent peace of mind that their little treasure wasn’t going at the Lewis Hamilton speeds.

Ffion loved this car simply because it was pink. A winner for all girls and wannabe Lady Penelopes. We thought that this car was good value for money at £129.99.

In the range we tested, there was a red Ferrari California (£329.99), a white Audi R8 (£174.99), a blue and a pink Mini Cooper (£129.99 and £329.99) and a black Mercedes Benz jeep (£179.99, also available in pink) and a green Renegade Quad Bike (£99.99). The vehicles come into two categories 6V and 12V, with 12V usually having two gears and having the ability to go faster.

The batteries normally last up to two hours and are easily rechargeable by plugging them in the mains - power adaptors come free with most models. You also need to think of storage i.e. a garage. They are ideal for large gardens or if you have access to safe flat pavements. Thomas and Ffion thoroughly enjoyed their test drive. We are pretty sure that the cars will feature highly on their wish list to Father Christmas.

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