REVIEW: The Romanian restaurant on Attercliffe road has re-invented its name to stand out from the crowd

Owners, Adrian Briciu and Camelia Colnic have changed it to La Vlad to stand out to the competition, playing off the romanian name Vlad after the infamous Vlad Dracula.

Tuesday, 20th August 2019, 10:51 am
Updated Tuesday, 20th August 2019, 12:58 pm
Owners, Adrian Briciu and Camelia Colnic with their waitress Roxana.

The owners of La Vlad organised a bistro night for customers to come and see what Romanian food is like and to get a taster of authentic Romanian food.

The bistro night included a five course meal and two glasses of original wine, only available from Romania.

The main dishes of the night were Aubergine Dip, Romanian Stew and sweet deep fried dessert called Papanash.

Traditional Romanian desert, Papanash

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Papanash is perhaps on it’s own enough reason to go to La Vlad.

It’s decadent smooth cream cheese and the tangy sharpness of the wild berry jam cuts through the deep fried doughnut like a knife.

Served with soft cheese, cream and wild berries with homemade jam made in house.

Papanash at La Vlad’s is definitely one dish to look out for.

La Vlad's Romanian Stew

Adrian explained that because a lot of Romanians are vegan and vegetarian most of the year – for religious and cultural reasons – a lot of the food is vegan and veggie friendly.

“We try to keep all the dishes traditional with locally sourced ingredients.” Adrian said.

The service was timely and very friendly, with a homely atmosphere. Traditional music playing in the background and staff were in slightly traditional style uniform.

As La Vlad’s location is ideal as being based in Attercliffe makes La Vlad so accessible. There are direct bus routes and free public car parking just behind the restaurant, close to Arena, Ice Sheffield and Centertainment.

Original Romanian wine at La Vlad's

Adrian and Camelia said they want people to know that there is such a thing as Romanian cuisine and they want to share the dishes that are close to their hearts with others in Yorkshire.