Sheffield's most iconic beers: 16 famous pints brewed in city from Wards and Roger and Out to present day

These 16 beers are among the most iconic brewed in the city, but how many do you remember?

Some 40 years ago, Wards ruled the roost when it came to Sheffield beer.

Brewed from a major brewery on Ecclesall Road, the beer was regarded as Sheffield's own, although there were also a few other big breweries in the city.

By the 1980s, some of the city's pubs started to get in on the act, creating their own, distinctive beers. And as the big breweries moved large scale production out of some of the city's sites, smaller companies started to fill the void - with their own products.

Now Sheffield is home to a whole range of independently produced beers - some of them a far cry from the days of when Wards was the main name on the pumps in the city's pubs.

With the Sheffield CAMRA beer festival, which runs from October 18 until October 21 at Kelham Island Museum, just a few weeks away, we have taken a trip down memory lane, and through our own archives, to look at some of the city's most iconic brews over the last 40 years, and into the present day. Some go back years, while others are among those now sold at Beer Central at the Moor Market.

How many of these, pictured below, have you tried?