Residents lose fight to stop Sheffield bar opening till 4.30am

Reflex on Holly Street in Sheffield.
Reflex on Holly Street in Sheffield.
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Residents have lost their battle to prevent a Sheffield city centre bar from being allowed to open until 4.30am at weekends.

An application for Reflex and Flares to extend opening hours until 4.30am on Fridays and Saturdays was granted by Sheffield Council’s sub-licensing committee despite residents’ protests.

The decision came after the applicants changed their original request to open until 4.30am every day of the week.

Neal Pates, of the Environmental Protection Services, said the amendment was a ‘reasonable compromise’.

Coun Robert Murphy said the later hours ‘restrict people’s ability to have rest at the end of the day when the end of the day turns into four o’clock in the morning’.

One resident, who had objected to other late opening applications from city centre venue, reiterated the detrimental effect the noise was having on her family.

She said she had to keep double-glazed windows in her home closed year-round to help block out the noise from the music as well as the screaming, shouting, singing, and chanting from party-goers.

She said: “The noise is so loud that it wakes not only us but our children as well and then we struggle to get them back to sleep.

“I don’t know how I will cope with waking up at six to go to work and dropping my children off to school. How my daughter will cope- she has her GCSEs this academic year.”

Solicitor Clare Eames, for Reflex and Flares, said her clients were ‘responsible operators’ who were ‘heavily invested in the community’.

Extended hours for the bar, on Holly Street, were also granted on various dates including Bonfire Night.