Putting real food in your shopping basket is one way to lose weight

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The TV programme The Men Who Made Us Thin really highlighted the fact that the diet industry makes huge profits on the back of people failing.

Not everyone in the diet industry is successful through clients failing; some of us are successful because we get results.

If you’re back off holiday and had a shock when you saw the photos, don’t despair.

The easiest way to lose weight is not to eat less and move more but to eat real food combined with some exercise.

Something that was made in a factory doesn’t have a place in our diets. We weren’t designed to eat that kind of food.

Our ancestors ate food which walked on the land, swam in the water or grew above or below ground.

Food out of a packet has been manufactured and therefore had added chemicals, preservatives and all sorts of nasty, unpronounceable ingredients added.

No-one really knows what damage they could do to health as they haven’t been around that long.

Of course some foods are in packets so they can be transported such as nuts, seeds, lentils and other pulses.

These foods are healthier than, say, pasta which has been made in a factory.

The theory for weight loss is if you eat real food, you don’t need to calorie count and can eat as much as you like.

Real food is more filling than processed food because it is generally higher in protein and fat which have a satiating effect on the body, therefore you don’t need as much as you don’t get hungry as often.

You also have more stable blood sugar and energy levels because you eat less sugar which has the biggest impact on your sugar levels and requires you to release more insulin, promoting fat storage.

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