Sheffield man ‘horrified’ as Christian Eriksen collapsed – after dad's cardiac arrest on golf course

A Sheffield man whose dad was saved by a defibrillator says Christian Eriksen’s collapse shows the importance of CPR training and defibrillators for all sports.

By Kev Rogers
Tuesday, 15th June 2021, 2:26 pm

Callum Anderson says he watched in horror when Christian Eriksen collapsed with a heart attack on the pitch during Saturday’s Euro 2020 match against Finland.

It was just weeks since three heroes saved the life of his dad John Anderson on Hillsborough Golf Course after he suffered a cardiac arrest.

Callum launched an appeal to buy a defibrillator for the club after the men almost certainly saved his dad’s life before an ambulance arrived.

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Pictured at Hillsborough Golf Club: Carl Pagden, John Anderson, Kevin Goss and Matt Shaw.

Now he is calling for more training and awareness of CPR and defibrillators for all sports

Callum said: ”It was actually quite hard to watch it unfold on TV.

"I didn’t see it happen to my dad so to see it happen so someone else live was horrible – it really brought things home.

“It was terrifying. My dad was in shock – he said “He’s going to fall over” - and he just went.

"I thought the referee was unbelievably good how quickly he got people onto the pitch. He deserves a lot of the credit for saving Eriksen’s life.”

The Inter Milan star was immediately attended by concerned team-mates and quickly by medics who, as stunned spectators in the stadium and millions more television viewers around the continent look on in horror, worked to resuscitate him.

Callum says training in CPR and Defibrillators should be standard practice in all sports.

He said; “I think it should be standard for everyone especially now that we are taking head injuries more seriously, I think we should take cardio vascular illness seriously.

“There are no signs. There are only signs when it happens, when your heart just doesn’t work.

“I think it’s something we all need to know in any sport, whether it’s golf, football or rugby, at least someone on the coaching staff or one player and the coach so there’s someone around who knows CPR.

“I think the Premier League have donated some money to grass roots go get defibrillators installed in non league grounds which is something that would be massive for football. It’s a shame it’s taken something as serious as this to happen again for it to be brought up.”