Graves Park sends warning message to Sheffield dog walkers as huge new signs appear

New signs have been painted on footpaths in Graves Park urging visitors to keep their dogs on a lead after sheep and new born lambs were chased by dogs recently.

Wednesday, 12th May 2021, 7:20 am

Staff at Graves Park Animal Farm Park are urging visitors to keep control of their dogs near the livestock area.

Head stocksman Jack Tankard, said: “We’ve had five new signs put onto our footpaths close to the livestock field in Graves park just reminding all dogs walkers who live locally and travel to Graves park dogs to keep them on leads.

“It really isn’t hard to understand.

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Sign at Graves Park

“We have had two separate dog incidents with dogs chasing the new born lambs which are only four weeks old and the ewes over the last two weeks.

“It’s not nice for the new born lambs especially, the sheep are defenceless against a dog chasing them round.

"We’ve put some of our llamas into the fields as well. They usually protect the sheep but they’ve got new borns too so it’s not nice for them either.”

The rule applies to the 25 acres around the fields where sheep and cows graze.

Stocksman Tom Telford pictured next to one of the new signs at Graves Park Sheffield warning dog owners use a lead.

"The park is 350 hectares big so so there’s more than enough space to let the dogs off, it’s just in and around our fields really,” Jack added.

The animal farm is one of Sheffield’s most popular free family attractions and Jack aka Farmer Jack, has kept people entertained throughout lockdown sharing his animal adventures through Facebook Live.

Visitors should book tickets for a 45 minute visiting slot in advance at

Susan the sheep doing a grand job in rearing her triplets, at Graves Park Animal Farm.