New My Indie Wardrobe project lists where to shop in Sheffield if you want to support the sustainable fashion industry

In a world which seems to be dominated by fast fashion, one environmentally-conscious clothes lover took a stand.

Friday, 26th April 2019, 5:00 am
Hannah Clugston Wilson has launched an ethical fashion website called My Indie Wardrobe. Hannah in an ethically sourced outfit of her own. Photo taken by Madeleine Winters.

Hannah Clugston Wilson has launched a website called My Indie Wardrobe, with the aim of making people aware of the problems facing some brands and retailers – and also proving that you do not have to buy new to get a good look.

The website has been launched to coincide with this week’s Fashion Revolution Week.

Hannah said: “I spent last year digging around in people’s wardrobes to find outfits made up of second hand, ethically sourced, independently produced garments to prove that sustainable fashion isn’t complicated or unfashionable.

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Hannah Clugston Wilson has launched an ethical fashion website called My Indie Wardrobe. Pictured is one of the people who has had their ethical wardobe photographed, Joe. Photo taken by Madeleine Winters.

“I wanted to start a conversation about where we buy our clothes from in way that was fun and engaging rather than being preachy and overwhelming.”

Hannah photographed what she found in people’s wardrobes and the outfits she put together are now available to see on her new website, along with interviews from the wardrobe owners and independent designers.

If you are inspired to shop sustainably because of Hannah’s website, she has also complied a handy list of places you can go to for your next fashion purchases.

Hannah said: “Some of the shops have transparent supply chains, others use organic or vegan materials, whilst some are just indie makers, creating things from home. The common denominator is that they all offer an alternative to shopping at big high street chains where fast fashion is rife and profit is king.”

The shops on her list include Guat Shoes, provider of handcrafted shoes produced in Sheffield and individually made to order in either leather or vegan materials, Moonko, seller of pin badges, prints homeware and more, and winner of the Clothing and Fashion Shop Sheffield award Syd and Mallory, an independent label made which has been made in the city centre for over ten years.

Hannah launched her website earlier this week at a special event at La Biblioteka in Kommune, where she was joined by Jane Shields of Ethishop and Rachel Boyce from Common Thread to talk about ethical fashion.

She invited attendees, (including myself), to volunteer their wardrobes to be photographed.

Hannah said: “I really want the website to be really diverse with regards to gender, ethnicity, body shape and fashion style. It isn’t quite there yet, but I am on the look out for new volunteers.”

Visit Hannah’s official website at to see the wardrobes, and the full list of ethical shops she suggests. You can also search for @myindiewardrobe on Instagram and Facebook and use the hashtag #myindiewardobe. E-mail [email protected] to get involved.