Record-breaking EuroMillions jackpot: £184m up for grabs tonight as we look back on Sheffield's lottery millionaires

The EuroMillions jackpot could mean a Briton winning the biggest ever UK lottery prize as £184 million is up for grabs.

Tuesday, 12th October 2021, 1:44 pm

A single UK winner in tonight's draw, October 12, would push the current British record holder, an anonymous £170m winner from October 2019, into second place. How would it change your life? Here we look at Sheffield’s lottery millionaires.

Barbara Wragg and her husband Ray, from Whirlow, won £7.6m on the National Lottery in 2000. The couple hit national headlines when they gave £6m of their winnings to charity - particularly to Sheffield hospitals.

In 2009, Mrs Wragg said she and her husband "got pleasure from giving money away" and said their winnings were "too much for two people."

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Sheffield United fans Ray and Barbara Wragg celebrate winning the 7,649,520 jackpot from Saturday's National Lottery at Sheffield United's Bramall Lane football ground, Sheffield, Tuesday, 25th January, 2000.

Mrs Wragg worked as a support worker at the Hallamshire Hospital. The couple gave money to Sheffield Children's Hospital and the teenage cancer unit at Weston Park Hospital. Mrs Wragg died in 2018.

Deana Sampson, from Stradbroke, scooped £5.4 million in 1996. With just £7.64 to her name at the time, she was living in a council house and was struggling to bring up two children on just £79 a week in benefits.

On top of that, she’d lost three close family members in nine years, including her disabled brother Glyn four months ­earlier. She was just about ready to give up on life.

But then her luck changed – and now Deana dreads to think what life would be like if she hadn’t bought that ticket.

Star struck amateur astronomer Paul Turton wins one million pounds on Euromillions millionaire raffle.

“I don’t like to think about that!” said Deana, who still lives in ­Sheffield. The grandmother spent her lockdown training a disability assistance dog to help others with physical needs. She worked with the charity Support Dogs, which is appealing for more people to help train dogs.

In 2011, star struck amateur astronomer Paul Turton won £1 million on the Euromillions millionaire raffle. The supermarket worker who lived with his mum kept his win secret from all his friends and colleagues. He said he wanted to buy a new home and visit his sister in Australia.

Speaking about his lottery win, Mr Turton said: “I couldn’t believe it when I saw my raffle number come up. I kept saying to myself ‘I think I’ve won, I think I’ve won’, but it was only after I had double-checked a couple of sources and told my mum that, I thought I best phone Camelot.

“It has felt like a bit of a fantasy until now but the news has finally sunk in. It’s a lovely surprise ahead of Christmas. The win means that I won’t have to worry about anything anymore and my parents and I can be secure.”

Mr Turton, who worked in the non-food section at Waitrose supermarket, said he was delighted he would finally be able to get on to the property ladder and had already started looking on the internet for a new house. He said he might also treat himself to a new telescope - despite having just bought one prior to his win.