Men clean up for cleaners

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Men in Sheffield admit to being more embarrassed about the state of their homes than women, according to a survey conducted by the UK’s leading domestic cleaning company.

Almost half of the men surveyed said they will clean up before their cleaner arrives, compared to just 37 per cent of women. Over a third of men will also apologise to their cleaners about the remaining mess.

The survey showed that this is perhaps due to the fact that it is men who actually consider themselves more house proud than women, says the survey for Molly Maid.

Four in ten men will spend an average of 40 minutes cleaning up for their domestic cleaner. And a fifth of men will spend more than an hour preparing their home in advance, even though half say this frustrates their partners.

The survey found house proud Brits across the land will still vacuum, dust, empty the bins and hide dirty clothes in an effort to save face in front of their domestic help.