Make slime with Scarlett, aged 11, at her Moor Market stall

Slime - it might be something us adults know little about, but it's behind one Sheffield schoolgirls new business, and it's flying off the shelves.

Wednesday, 27th February 2019, 16:07 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th February 2019, 16:18 pm
Scarlett Archer with the slime she is making at home and then selling on a stall at the Moor Market. Scarlett is pictured with mum Gina.

Scarlett Archer, aged 11, makes and sells slime under her brand ‘SlimePopBubble’ at a temporary stall on the Moor Market  - and so far, it’s proved a hit with smaller shoppers.

The young entrepreneur said: “I like watching it turn from a liquid to a slime so I decided I wanted to sell it.  I love the texture and all the possible combinations.  I love playing with the slime at home and I love giving it as gifts.”

The basic slime is made using a mixture of PVA glue, contact lens solution, baking soda and shaving cream.

That’s when Scarlett likes to get creative.

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She said: “I add colour from either paint or food colour.  After that I may add some different add ins like glitter, foam beads, scents and clay.”

The idea for the pop-up stall came when Scarlett was given a slime making kit for a gift. She started to make it frequently at her home in Hunter’s Bar – until her mum and dad had to ask her to stop because there was no more room for her slippery and sparkly creations in the house.

Mum Gina Archer said: “The idea for the Moor Market came about when Scarlett and I had a discussion about where all the slime was going after she made it. 

“As a family, we explained that slime is great for learning and trying different experiments, but making so much wasn’t a good idea.  Scarlett came up with the idea of selling it. 

“We talked about selling it online but she wanted to be able to meet people and make the slime with others.”

After sending off an application, Scarlett was given her first stall date in January. Since then she has run three other successful stalls, and has another one planned at the end of the month.

She also now runs slime making masterclasses, where she invites people to come and meet her at her stall and learn how to make their own slime. She also pre-makes some to be sold to those who do not have the time to make it themselves.

Not only has Scarlett created her own slime, she has also designed her own logo and her own promotional T-Shirts.

Proud mum Gina said: “Scarlett has always been creative.  She is so curious and not afraid to try things.

“She loves to talk to people and explain things and delights when people are happy when they do something she has taught them.  She loves the small talk that meeting people on the market allows too.  I am proud of her.”

Scarlett is next at the Moor Market on Saturday, March 23. She is there around once every three weeks. For more information, including future dates when Scarlett will be at the market, visit You can also book a slime masterclass here. Cost is £5 to pay on day.