Magna is bursting with fun for children

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Things look set to get wet, wet, wet this summer - with the reopening of Magna Centre’s popular Aqua-Tek outdoor water play park.

Young visitors to the Rotherham attraction will be able to splash, squirt and shower among hidden spray, mist and jets of water every day, once the park opens its doors next week.

There is also a series of ‘dry land’ activities, including the Sci-Tek adventure play area, with trampoline nets, spinning bowls, tilted roundabouts, twisted slides, rockets and castles.

Children can also take part in a workshop called ‘It’s a Rubbish Adventure’ workshop every day next week, which focuses on the science and engineering used to sort, separate and recycle all the useful things people throw into their black bins.

Other attractions include the Science Busking Corner, where children can have fun with a range of balloon experiments.

Stuart Ballard, education director at Magna, said: “Parents are always looking for things to do with the family in the holidays and we offer a range of activities to get kids interested in the world of science where they can play, explore and learn.”