I disagreed with war but I admired her courage

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I strongly disagreed with the decision to send troops to the Falkands in 1982, failing to see how Britain had any right to the islands 3,000 miles away, but Maggie Thatcher had the two qualities I most admired, courage and determination.

She was surrounded by enemies jealous of her powers, but battled through to retake the Falklands, only to be thrown on the scrapheap by her treacherous colleagues later, and was hated by the miners of the country, and blamed for the closure of the pits.

As someone who worked down the pits for four years as a Bevin Boy, I can only say that mines like Markham Main, Doncaster, where the coal seams were six feet thick, should never have been closed, but others in South Yorkshire, like Barley Hall Colliery at Thorpe Hesley, where I also worked, had seams only two feet nine inches thick, incredibly difficult and dangerous, and deserved to be closed.

Ron Humberstone,


l live in a country where the police are kind enough to let me know that if I turn my back as Mrs Thatcher’s funeral cortege goes by, I will not be prosecuted.

Can I also be sure that if I switch off the television coverage, the police will not come knocking at my door? All Cameron has done is to demonstrate that her legacy was a country divided by bitterness.