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First impressions really do count – so what does your front door say about you and your home?
What does your front door say about you and your home?What does your front door say about you and your home?
What does your front door say about you and your home?

The humble door has only a couple of jobs to do in life – keep out the elements as well as unwanted visitors. But a front door represents so much more. It gives a house an identity, it provides clues about what we might find inside, and it certainly reveals something of the person who lives beyond it.

Trends in door design and colour come and go. As with all fashions, what’s hot and what’s not in terms of doors is influenced by a range of factors – the economy, technology, online trends, what’s on TV, what the celebs are ordering – the list goes on.

Fortunately, the days when doors came in black, brown or white, with the same number of corresponding styles, are over. While the ‘traditional’ is still in, especially in places with a high contingent of listed buildings, many towns and cities across the UK can now afford to be a little more adventurous with their choice of door.


Sheffield window and door supplier Global Windows has certainly seen a whole raft of door trends emerging.

The variety of housing stock across Sheffield and South Yorkshire means there is much potential for transforming a tired old front door into something that makes a statement about you and your home.

Let’s look at colour, as it’s arguably the first thing that attracts attention to the door. Traditional colours still reign supreme in parts of Britain, exuding a sense of solidity and old-fashioned values even in rapidly changing times.

However, the current trend is towards shades that reflect wellbeing, positivity and the joy of small things. Out go the big, shouty pillar-box reds and screaming yellows, replaced by the calming tones of soft pink, soothing greens and tranquil blues.

Of course, there is a spectrum of choice among these shades. Green’s range includes the ever popular ‘Sage’ through to a muted, darker variant reminiscent of deep woodland. Blues include a pleasant, uplifting shade of sky-blue to a gentle, earthbound Cornflower or blue-grey.

If you’re choosing a door on colour alone, it’s important to consider the age and style of your property and its surroundings. That said, you don’t have to be a slave to fashion – if you’re ready and willing to make a statement with your front door, then go for it – and own it!


In terms of door design, technology is playing a large part in driving trends. Wider front doors are certainly in at the moment, reflecting the ‘influencer’ era, and thanks to improvements in thermal efficiency, are no longer the main cause of drafts that once swirled around the house. Anyone wanting to make a statement via their door would be wise to see what they can get away with in terms of size.


What’s trending in terms of door materials? Well, timber was once the beginning and the end when it came to door construction, and while it endures today, it has some serious rivals on the market.

Chief among these are uPVC and aluminium. uPVC has been around for a while and has come on leaps and bounds in terms of design, colour options and thermal efficiency, while aluminium is a newer kid on the block, becoming known for its exceptional strength, stylish sleek lines and – like its uPVC cousin – excellent thermal performance.

Not surprisingly, aluminium is now influencing styles in the home. As summer arrives, the popularity of features such as bifold doors – a lightweight aluminium door that folds, concertina-like, to allow light and fresh air into a living room or kitchen – are increasingly on-trend.

Pocket doors are also becoming popular for interiors. These slide into a ‘reveal’ that hides the door completely. They’re great for rooms with not a lot of space such as a utility room, where a hinged door would get in the way.

Global Windows supplies a number of door styles that dovetail with emerging trends for 2023. Their uPVC doors excel regulations for both security and efficiency and are available in a range of artisan colours and finishes, while their bifold doors are also hitting the sweet spot, trends-wise, and run on durable, easy-slide stainless steel rollers and a high functioning bottom track.

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