How to save money on energy bills: Does double glazing work, how much can you save?

Advertisement feature: A Yorkshire firm says it can offer long-term home energy saving solutions, to help lower your bills
According to Ofgem, over two million UK households are now in debt on their electricity billsAccording to Ofgem, over two million UK households are now in debt on their electricity bills
According to Ofgem, over two million UK households are now in debt on their electricity bills

With recent news that UK households are unlikely to receive extra support with energy bills from April, and bills set to rise to up to £3,000 a year, there’s no doubt that homeowners across the country are battling an energy price hike like never before.

And, according to data from energy calculator Ofgem, over two million UK households are now in debt on their electricity bills.

With the crisis in full swing, people are unplugging fridges, washing clothes by hand, and even skipping meals in a bid to save money.

How can I save money on my energy bills?

While energy saving measures won’t make up for the sharp rise in prices, taken together, many small changes could save you hundreds of pounds a year.

Simple things include using an air fryer or microwave instead of an oven, switching to LED lightbulbs, setting your thermostat to the lowest comfortable temperature, and using one less washing machine cycle a week, which according to the Energy Saving Trust, could save you around £28 a year.

While all of these methods go a long way in saving a little here and there, with the current energy crisis, we need to take further action and invest in more long-term solutions.

And according to Sheffield window company Global Windows, one of the most viable long-term solutions to saving energy is by investing in replacement windows.

Getting into the habit of practising saving energy can go a long way, especially if you consider more long-term methods such as installing a smart thermostat, buying more efficient appliances, installing a new boiler, draught-proofing your property and even insulating your roof or loft space.

But by far the most effective way of cutting down your energy bills is by having double glazing installed – not only will this save energy in the winter months, but for years to come.

How much could I save?

According to a recent government report, by installing double glazing in entirely single-glazed houses, a homeowner living in a detached home could save up to £155 a year. Those living in a semi-detached property could save up to £110, those in a mid-terrace up to £85, while bungalow residents could save up to £75 a year.

How does double glazing help?

A huge 18% of heat lost through our homes occurs through windows, so it comes as no surprise that homes with single glazing will pay the highest price to keep warm.

With a single glazed window, one glass pane serves as the barrier between your home and the outdoors, while double glazing uses two panes, as well as a layer of air for additional insulation.

Essentially, double glazing is effective because while glass is a good conductor of heat, air is not. The air pocket between the two panes of glass therefore creates a seal against the outdoors, reducing the transfer of heat.

The Global difference

Energy efficiency is an important consideration for all homeowners, and we all want to reduce our carbon footprint, help protect the environment, and also save on our energy bills.

At Global Windows, all window styles are A-rated for energy efficiency, meaning by replacing your old windows, you’ll benefit from a warmer, more comfortable home, while also reducing the cost of energy – something which is a priority for everyone thanks to the current cost of living crisis.

With energy prices set to go through the roof in coming months, it’s vital that homeowners are prepared, and investing now in quality double glazing is an important step in avoiding those soaring bills.

It’s something that could potentially save you hundreds of pounds, which during the current cost of living crisis, goes a long way.

Global Windows is a family-run firm, and they are experts in double glazing, windows, doors, conservatories and security locks. They have worked in the local area for over 20 years helping Yorkshire homeowners make the most of their properties to keep them safe, secure, warm and dry. The company places great emphasis on customer care – it’s no surprise much of their business is generated by recommendations and customer testimonials.