Houses for sale Sheffield: The 10 cheapest houses on Rightmove in Sheffield to end 2022

Rightmove is a popular site for estate agents and prospective buyers alike due to the enormous range of sale houses for sale across Sheffield.

We’ve found the 10 cheapest homes in the Steel City currently on the property site.

Following our earlier list of the 10 most expensive homes on Sheffield Rightmove to round out the year, we’ve found the 10 cheapest for those of your looking for a potential steal. We filtered out the flats and land sales to bring you the terraced, semi-detached and detached homes with the lowest prices.

Unlike our most expensive list, which has stayed largely the same over the last four months, the properties in the bottom 10 of the priciest properties have consistently changed, due to many often being sold on regular monthly auctions offered by the likes of Mark Jenkinson & Son and Auction House South Yorkshire. So, in reverse order, here are the 10 cheapest homes on Sheffield Rightmove to end 2022.