House hunters have an average budget of £216,000 for Sheffield property

Property buyers in Sheffield’s red hot market are budgeting an average price of £216,364, according to a survey.

Monday, 14th June 2021, 12:41 pm

Sheffield buyers have the highest budget in Yorkshire and are 14th place in the national table, which is headed by London and where the budget is £384,130. surveyed people in major cities across the UK who are seriously considering purchasing a property to discover the average price they are budgeting for a prospective property purchase.

The results show Sheffield buyers say the biggest considerations are size and quality of bedrooms (39.06%) and availability of outside space (37.50%).

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With a guide price of £215,000, this 3 bed terraced house in Aldam Croft, Totley, fits the average budget of house hunters in Sheffield. It is being marketed by Staves and for details visit

When assessing the location of a property, availability of local shops (32.81%) and nearby parks (29.69%) are top of the list of Sheffield’s property hunters.

They feel the biggest obstacle which could jeopardise their chance of buying a property is their earning (28.13%), followed by the hassle of going through the whole property purchase process (25%).

The figures come as more than £3,000 was added to the value of the average Sheffield property in May, making it a record month, according to the Halifax House Price Index, which showed house prices rose by 1.3%.

In the survey, the highest budget after London was Brighton at £307,292, followed by Bristol (£298,077), Southampton (£288,667) and Plymouth.

Interestingly, when property seekers in Sheffield were asked to best describe the number of homes available within their budget, they responded as follows: ‘high’ (7.81%), ‘medium’ (46.88%), ‘low’ (23.44%), ‘none’ (1.56%) and ‘not sure’ (20.31%).

When evaluating a property to purchase, the size and quality of perhaps arguably the two most important rooms in a property also feature highly, kitchen (29.69%) and bathroom (21.88%).

When assessing the location of a property, crime levels (29.69%) and closeness to schools (29.69%) are among the other aspects which rank highly in the criteria of a property for Sheffield property seekers.

Stumbling blocks to owning a house included mortgage availability (23.44%) and too many outgoings (23.44%).

The latest Home Buyers Report from shows that hassle is a core barrier preventing people from buying their first house or moving up the property ladder.

Data shows that 22% of people cite “faff” as one of the biggest barriers to purchasing a property, overtaking financial considerations such as mortgage rates and having too many outgoings.

Earnings remained the top barrier for the second month running, with building up a deposit and mortgage availability in second and third place respectively.

Availability of desirable property is a concern, with just 9% of people saying there is a high supply of properties that meet their requirements within budget and in the right area. 47% indicated medium availability and 29% said there is low availability. Fortunately, only 3% said there is no availability at all.

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