Demand for home improvements in Sheffield rockets with roofers topping the job list

Demand for home improvements in Sheffield is rocketing with roofers topping the job list, according to a survey.

Friday, 30th July 2021, 12:55 pm

The city was fourth in a list of monthly searches made by homeowners for renovations. Sheffield clocked up 1,620 online searches, with 350 for roofers.

The study, by sliding wardrobes company Spaceslide, showed Glasgow to be the city with the highest demand for renovations, totalling 2,120 monthly searches. That means the Scottish city is potentially experiencing the longest wait times for services across the UK.

London had the second highest demand, with 2,010 monthly searches in total. The most popular service was loft conversions at 600 searches a month, unsurprising as homeowners look to make the most of the limited space available.

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Sheffield had the fourth highest number of online searches for home improvements, as this map shows

The data also revealed the cities with the lowest demand, offering the shortest wait times.

The city with the lowest demand for home improvements is Southend-On-Sea. Here, renovations services attain only 90 monthly searches - 70 of which are for ‘builders Southend-On-Sea’.

Overall, the data shows that after spending so much time indoors, people want more from their homes.

UK-wide, monthly searches for conservatory projects were top with a total of 87,420.

Emily Gray from Spaceslide, said: “With Office for National Statistics reports detailing weekly savings of 22% in the first lockdown, as well as household goods stores seeing the highest growth in sales across sectors, people are using their additional savings to revamp the homes they’ve been spending so much time in.

“Whether Brits are investing in substantial projects like conversions, or smaller projects like a new carpet, the demand for interior projects is clear.”