High Bradfield a stile above the rest

High Bradfield Church.
High Bradfield Church.
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From the car park go down The Sands, and turn left and then left again over Smithy Bridge.

Follow Smithy Bridge Road and then at the corner go along Lamb Hill towards Loxley.

After about 250m there is a lane which forks off and upwards on the left. Take this path.

About 100m before you reach Mill Farm, there is a footpath on your left by a bush.

Go over the stile and follow the path behind the farm.

Go across the field keeping the wall on your right. Head for the stone stile at the gap in the trees at the bottom of the field.

Go over the stile and immediately pass through the narrow stone stile on your right into the upper field.

Cross this field and the next aiming for the ladder stile near the trees on the far field boundary.

From the ladder stile head up the banking to the wall and wooden stile.

There is a wooden stile immediately over the wall.

Having entered the field continue east.

At the next field boundary you will be able to see a ladder stile diagonally across the field. Follow the edge of the field around, keeping the wall on your right until your reach the stile.

Cross the stile. You will now see two more ladder stiles across the next two fields and up to the road.

Cross the fields and stiles onto Kirk Edge Road. Cross the road taking the lane which is more or less opposite the stile.

Follow the lane up hill, past the cattle shed. Swing left with the lane and continue up hill.

Swing left again and continue along the lane in the direction of High Bradfield.

100m from the road there is a ladder stile over the wall on the right.The path goes up the hill to another ladder stile.

At the top of the hill follow the ridge towards High Bradfield. Pass over the earth works of Castle Hill and drop down to the stiles at the bottom right corner of the field.

Cross the small fields in the direction of the white house.

When your reach the road, turn left and go into High Bradfield.

In High Bradfield take the cobbled road and head towards St Nicholas’ Church.

At the Church gates turn right and then take the path behind the watch house through the church yard.

Take the path to the right, down into the woods. Do not take the extreme right path that leads up to Bailey Hill.

Take the path out of the wood left as it drops down to the gate and the stream. Cross over the bridge over the stream and take the track that swings round to the left.

After 200m the path reaches some gateways. Take the gate in front of you and rise up into the field above.

Head across and uphill to reach the main path.

At the end of the field the path reaches a stone stile. Cross the stile into the next field.

Across the field there is a ladder stile next to a broken down wall. Cross this wall into the upper field.

Continue heading the same direction across the field.

The path leads to Rocher Head farm. Follow the lane past the buildings and the barn. Continue along the lane, left up to Smallfield Lane.

Beware of traffic. Cross the road and take the footpath over the stile into the field opposite.

Head down the field and then turn left to the stile out of the field and onto Agden Side Road. Take the path opposite through the heather.

The path turns left and passes through a wall before back towards Agden Reservoir.

When the path reaches the wall it turns right and drops steeply. Head down to Agden Reservoir. Turn right along the lane.

After a short distance you will see the bridge across the stream. Cross the bridge and go through the wooden gate.

The right of way goes up from the gate to the lane and then left along the lane towards Low Bradfield.

Follow the path through the woods, past the reservoir and down to the T junction. Turn left down Fair House Lane. The car park is on the left.

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