Healthy nutrition - Diet is temporary ... but lifestyle is permanent

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Sheffield nutritionist Hannah Bailey is urging a healthy start to 2014 for the whole family in her regular column...

If weight loss is your goal for 2014, here are my top tips for success:

1 Stop thinking you’re on a diet. Diet is temporary, lifestyle is permanent

2 Remove all temptation from the house. Not having sweets/crisps/biscuits in will not harm the children or anyone else

3 Start planning meals and shopping accordingly

4 Shop locally at market or independent shops. We have a wide range in Sheffield and not only does it support local business, their food can be better quality than supermarkets

5 Cook from scratch and make your own ready meals for busy days. Foil containers are very cheap

6 Ditch the sugar. Sugar is a bigger problem than fat. By stopping sugar, you eat less fat as the two are commonly found in the same products.

7 Eat food in its most natural state: butter, cheese, yoghurt etc should be full fat not low fat as they have been more processed

8 Allow yourself to cheat. If you have what you really fancy every now and again, you will have far fewer cravings and eventually the taste for junk will go

n Hannah has her own Sheffield-based company, Wise Choice Nutrition. Go to her website: