Why you should try Proove in Sheffield - recently crowned the UK's Best Neapolitan Pizza Restaurant

A mere three months after it departed Kommune the popular Neapolitan pizza restaurant Proove has more than found its home in the leafy suburb of Broomhall.

Wednesday, 2nd March 2022, 9:50 am

Proove came to be following a trip to Naples by its founders who wished to bring a taste of the Italian to the city, a six-month stint at the popular food hall, Kommune, followed but after a change in terms it has now moved to another part of the city.

It’s popularity has more than Proove-n its worth as the plaudits followed, it was crowned the UK's Best Neapolitan Pizza Restaurant in the LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2021. Naturally, I wanted to see if the hype was warranted, so on a gloomy Monday evening I took a trip to the pizzeria.

Upon entering I was immediately greeted by one of the front of house staff, with a smile, who enquired as to my dietary requirements before seating my at my table and presenting me with a selection of menus. There’s quite the extensive vegan menu for those of you who forgo meat and dairy.

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Proove wood fired Pizza in Sheffield

Being a pizza menu, many of you will already know what to expect from the off. I decided to start proceedings with one of the small plates, opting for the Bruschetta. This comprised of toasted home-made bread, with bufala mozzarella, rocket and a roasted truffled mushroom topping. It was simply exquisite. Sometimes mushrooms can be overdone and stodgy or underdone and too crunchy, every mouthful was a delight and the truffle drizzle was perfectly measured — if this is too plentiful the richness can bloat, but not this time. It was an absolute pleasure.

I washed down the starter with a large glass of the house red, I can’t quite remember the name of it. But at £6.70 a glass (250ml) it was not bad at all. If I was planning on spending the evening out on the town I would have probably gone for another. It was smooth, not too rich and complemented both the starter and the main… speaking of the mains dish.

Admittedly, I almost went for the Calzone - a dish that always brings back memories of my time in Italy - however, this time around I went for the Diavolo. A slice of Italy with a kick, served on slow-proved 00-grade Caputo flour dough, the pizza was topped with San Marzano D.O.P tomatoes, mozzarella, nduja sausage, fennel, sliced salami, and chillies. This was brought to the table with some chilli oil, if you like a bit of spice this is a great choice and if there was any criticism to be delivered it would be that you would like more… of everything. It was delicious though and each mouthful consumed, eyes-closed, took me back to the restaurants near to the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Everything came flooding back.

Finally for desserts, I went for Proove’s homemade brownie served with a scoop of gelato. It’s a gluten-free sweet treat and to balance out the sugar, I also a single-espresso. It’s very hard to get a chocolate brownie wrong and it’s often an easy option, but rarely wrong. Case in point being today.

Proove wood fired Pizza in Sheffield

In total the bill came to £30.70, which isn’t bad at all for three-courses, and a glass of house red wine too.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip to the leafy suburb of Broomhall. If only to see the new home of Proove. It fits right in amongst the sedentary hustle and bustle of the local area. Delicious food, great menu options, a relaxed vibe, plus a front of house team who are ever present and helpful but never an irritant. Fantastic all around, verdict? Proove-n without a doubt.

Proove wood fired Pizza in Sheffield
Proove wood fired Pizza in Sheffield