We tried Burger King's new Katsu Chicken Royale in Sheffield - here's what we thought

Let me say from the outset that I hate fast-food restaurants.

Tuesday, 15th March 2022, 6:18 pm

From the plasticky interior to the high tempo music and – in my opinion – generally bland food, they’re just not my thing.

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Even for a quick bite to eat at lunch, I’d rather grab a sandwich from a supermarket if I don’t have time to sit and eat in a cafe.

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The new Burger King sandwich.

But I had to quell my own admitted bias against fast food places when I was assigned to try Burger King’s new Katsu Curry range which has seen four new burgers added to the menu.

Launched on Tuesday, March 8, the new range offers a Katsu inspired twist on customer favourites such as the Whopper and Chicken Royale.

So off I went to the visit the Burger King at Sheffield Railway Station bustling with commuters on a Tuesday afternoon.

I’ll spare you descriptions of the interior of the restaurant (spoiler alert) – they all pretty much look the same, and I’ll skip straight to the food.

Burger King's new Katsu Chicken Royale.

I went for the Katsu Chicken Royale. I must admit I was skeptical, how can curry and a burger work in harmony?

But I was pleasantly surprised.

The toppings included crispy onions, mayo, Katsu sauce and a crunchy pickled slaw, all topped off with the classic sesame seed bun.

They all blended well together with the golden crunchy chicken, and all in all this made for a delightful lunchtime sandwich.

Burger King's new Katsu Chicken Royale.

At £7.29 just for the sandwich, not even the full meal option, I thought this was a little steep.

But my frugal concerns were allayed somewhat by the size of the portion, it is a decent sized sandwich.

Many fast food restaurants do seem to be diversifying their menus recently offering vegetarian and vegan options, along with more experimental recipes.

Many of these seem to be fleeting visits before the restaurant chains fall back and rely on the tried and tested meals.

Burger King has launched it's new Katsu Curry range.

But if enough people take the plunge and give Burger King’s Japanese-inspired section of the menu a try, then the Katsu Chicken Royale could be here to stay.

The inside of the bun.