This Sheffield bakery is raising £25,000 to keep up with demand for its award-winning food

The shed the team are hoping to transformThe shed the team are hoping to transform
The shed the team are hoping to transform | JPIMedia
An independent Sheffield bakery that attracts food fans from across the city is crowdfunding £25,000 for new facilities to help keep up with customer demand, writes Ellen Beardmore.

Forge Bakehouse has grown from a team of three operating in a former hairdressers’ salon to an “army” of 30 bakers, pastry chefs, baristas, chefs and front of house staff producing award-winning food.

As well as its destination cafe on Abbeydale Road, the bakery also runs a pop up stall at Sheffield Railway Station every Friday, and is the only independent retailer there.

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Now the team want to develop a new temperature controlled prep room, dry store and walk in chiller with freezer in an old scooter garage behind their shop that will allow them to stop shelves running dry and increase capacity.

Food created at Forge is award-winningFood created at Forge is award-winning
Food created at Forge is award-winning | JPIMedia

The team are also hoping to increase the days they sell at the station thanks to the new preparation space.

Owner Martha Brown said: “ Our current capacity means we offer a limited range and very restricted trading hours (at the station).

“This campaign will expand our product range, championing locally made, quality produce, not available anywhere in the train station, as well as extra hours and days each week to serve more people.

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“It’s important that everyone coming into Sheffield can enjoy what our city has to offer.

The bakery draws in food fans from across SheffieldThe bakery draws in food fans from across Sheffield
The bakery draws in food fans from across Sheffield | JPIMedia

“At our home on Abbeydale Road, extra capacity means finally saying yes to large orders. We are currently swamped with our daily production, spelling disappointment for so many looking to include us in their special occasions.

“This project will also allow better planning for seasonal rushes and busy days, stopping our shelves running dry so quickly, serving more customers each day of the week.”

Forge has raised a third of the £25,000 needed, and today launched a crowdfunding page to raise the rest of the money.

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People who contribute will receive rewards for their pledge, ranging from hampers and masterclasses to brunches, date night meals, coffees and pastries.

They can pay as little as £1 for gratitude and a shout out on social media, or £12 for a limited edition custard tart badge designed by a member of staff.

Supporters who pledge £200 can design their own doughnuts which will go on sale at the bakery, a dinner party for a dozen people is the reward for donating £950 and there are a selection of themed hampers available. To donate visit